STCPA Club Rules


1) The deadline for renewing members is April 30. A late fee will be applied to memberships received after this date.  You  must have your membership paid prior to competing.

2) All  sanctions have to be pre-entered. Team entries must be received  on/before the Monday preceding the show. Email entries to Chelsey Buck at

3) Entry fees for  sanctioned shows will be as follows: $40 ($120 per team) per entry. This  will remain the same for the finals.  

4) We are offering a Limited 8 class within the Open class at each sanction penning for an additional $30 per team.

5)  There will be a 2+ non-sanctioned class offered at each show.  Two  riders rated #1 will be paired with one rider rated a #3 or higher.   This will strictly be a draw class.  Entry fees are $20.00 per person.

6)  The separate Draw class has been eliminated. Contestants may draw into  the following classes: #10, #7, and #5. Contestants are allowed a  maximum of 4 picked teams per each of these classes. If you enter any of  these classes with 1 or more picked teams, you are required to enter a  minimum of one draw team up to a total of 5 teams. A contestant may  enter the draw with all 5 teams if they choose.

7) The annual meeting  will be held at the finals. Members will still be required to submit  items for the agenda by email prior to the meeting to Chelsey Buck  at

8) Contestants will accumulate points at  each sanction and the finals for making it to the second go. There will  be individual points awarded as well as team points for the entire  season. There will be prizes for high point teams in each class. There  will be an overall individual high point prize as well as high point #1,  #2, and #3+ penner.

9) The $200 sponsorship levy is still  applicable. It only applies to members who are planning to attend the  Provincial Finals. You need to send a separate post-dated check with  your membership fees. The STCPA will hold this check until the finals.  You can redeem the check back by getting a sponsorship totaling this  amount or more. Please contact Chelsey Buck at 306-883-9241 with any questions. YOU  CANNOT PEN AT THE FINALS UNLESS THIS LEVY HAS BEEN PAID BY ONE OF THE  ABOVE TWO OPTIONS. You must have penned at a minimum of 3 sanctioned  shows to qualify to attend the finals.

10) Workers will be  assigned to assist with various jobs at each show.  If you cannot  fulfill your duties, you are responsible for finding a substitute.

11) Payouts for each show will be based on the number of entries at each penning.  Minimum payout is 50%; maximum is 60%.

12)  A 1/2 second handicap will be applied in the first and second go of the 5, 7, and  10 classes.  For example, if the total team rating in the ten class adds  up to 8, one second will be deducted from their time.

13)  All runs are 60 seconds.